New Yamaha Byson 2010

New Yamaha Byson 2010

New Yamaha Byson 2010

PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia or YMKI plans to unveil new sports product, Byson, in April 2010. This is because the earlier resignation had planned to release YMKI these products later this year.

"Just wait for four months from now," said the source from YMKI in Banyuwangi, Wednesday (2 / 12).

We have Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (YMMI) has won a number type list numbers of motor vehicles produced in the Ministry of Industry 1195/IATT/TPT/11/2009 (Depperin) last November.

Manufacturers have proposed the amount of production to 80,000 units next year. Manufacturer bearing motor tuning fork will still carry the name for its newest product Byson. With the presence Byson, Yamaha fighting force in the national motorcycle market more robust, especially in the sports segment.

In India, this model is named after FZ and consists of several variants. This motor is more precisely a sports touring categories and engineered with the DNA Frazer.

Byson carrying 153 cc engines or larger than the V-Ixion, 149.8 cc. Of technology, the fuel supply system, V-Ixion more sophisticated, injection. While still relying Byson carburetor. Hence, the price is cheaper than expected V-Ixion.

FZ identity, or later transformed into Byson, using Monoshock suspension technology (Yamaha call monocross) with the special characteristics Muffler MidShip large. According to Yamaha, this design provides weight concentration of a better and efficient exhaust gas. Stable control for use in 140/60-17 rear tire.

Specifications Yamaha FZ (Byson)


4 steps, SOHC, 2-valve, air conditioning

153 cc
Diameter x step

58.0 x 57.9 mm
Comparison of compression

9.5: 1
Power max.

14 PS@7.500 rpm
Torque max.

14 Nm@6.000 rpm
Type carburetors

The ratio of primary teeth and secondary

3.409 / 2.857
The size of the front and rear tires

100/80-17 & 140/60R17
Fuel tank capacity

12 liters
Dimensions: L x W x H (mm)

770 x 1975 x 1045
High saddle

Axle distance

Total weight

137 kg

New 2009 Softail Deluxe Harley Davidson

New Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2009 has a redesigned, narrow-profile rider seat with collapsible pockets in the shell that make the seat narrower when straddling the motorcycle at rest. Motorcycles Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe is do not come around very often, So... Don't miss your chance to Own One of them.

In this stuff, we will try to give you information about Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2009 pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Enjoy our review, we hope you can compare this bike to other cruiser motorcycles before you decide to buy Harley Davidson 2009.

The 2009 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe FLSTN sale in the market around $17,449 - $18,274. The HD Softail Deluxe FLSTN is a slick ride with a modern power train and suspension for a truly confidence-inspiring riding experience. From the whitewall tires and full-skirted fenders to the tombstone taillight, this bike brings back the past with Deluxe style.

Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe FLSTN 2009 available in many colors; Vivid Black; Flame Blue Pearl (New); Black Denim; Red Hot Sunglo (New); Two-Tone White Gold Pearl/Pewter Pearl; Two-Tone White Gold Pearl/Black Pearl; Two-Tone Deep Turquoise/Antique White; Two-Tone Red Hot Sunglo/Smokey Gold; Two-Tone Black Ice/Blue Ice; Two-Tone Light Candy Root Beer/Dark Candy Root Beer; and Two-Tone Big Purple Flake/Brilliant Silver (Custom Color Available April through May 2009).

The Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe is one of the motorcycles that Harley Davidson dealerships don't keep many of in stock. Find the Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe FLSTN 2009 at showroom floor, and luckier still to have a choice of colors near your place.

Sportster XR1200 Harley Davidson

New Harley-Davidson 2009 Sportster XR1200 Picture Wallpaper

In the end of 2008, The Harley Davidson released motorcycle sportster platform in Europe which called as Harley-Davidson Sportster XR1200. But it didn't take Harley long to mend its ways and announce the release of the XR1200 in the U.S at early 2009, the company is banking on the enthusiasm of the hardcore nostalgic motorcycle fans.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster XR1200, listed with an MSRP of $11,179, wears a brawny 90 horsepower, air-cooled V-twin, beefy brakes, and a dry weight of 551 lbs. Many costumer has said that the Sportsters, for the most part, don't quite convey as much bravado as a Dyna or Road Glide.

The 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster XR1200 injects some steroids into the lineup with a more powerful engine and aggressive suspension setup. Starting with the traditional air-cooled pushrod 1,200 cc V-twin, Harley has bumped the compression ratio to 10:1, added performance cams, precision-cooled cylinder heads, a large capacity oil cooler and downdraft electronic fuel injection.

The combination of quality rubber, lightened rolling inertia courtesy the wheels, 59-inch wheelbase and stout fork, the Harley-Davidson Sportster XR1200 turns in easily and stays on target all the way through your chosen corner arc with stability and confidence. The Harley-Davidson Sportster XR1200 available in three colors :

Actually, the Harley-Davidson Sportster XR 1200 is based on race-winning XR 750 dirt trackers that were popularized, ironically, on U.S. soil. It's designed to fit the average height European customer, but we can't help but wonder if this market-specific model would ever be modified for sale in North America.

The XR1200's Nissin brakes are significantly upgraded from standard-issue Sportsters, with four-piston 292 mm dual discs up front and a single-piston 260 mm disc at the rear. In running order, the Harley-Davidson Sportster XR 1200 tips the scales at 580 pounds. These brakes are nothing short of spectacular and should be grasped with caution should you take advantage of an XR 1200 demo ride and are expecting the usual Harley brake.

If you see the instruments on the Harley-Davidson Sportster XR 1200 are minimal. Watching the needle bounce around on the good-sized, round, white-faced tach is what you’ll mainly see. A compact digital speedo on Sportster XR 1200 body is centered next to it on the handlebars and the digital display makes it easy to know exactly how fast you’re going. A dual trip meter and clock have been thrown in for good measure.

Alien Style Motorcycle Modified in Bali

Bali deserves two thumbs signals in terms of modifications. Their work, especially for motorcycles, has a value of very high art. Maybe you still remember the Honda Vario diamond studded or low-rider Honda Beat displayed.

This time, there's nothing more powerful, the work I Dewa Gede Agus Umbara. Incidentally, Agus was an artist. No doubt, Honda Supra 1999 production was constrained ogoh-ogoh alien style. Agus so called results of this hand skills.

Of view, the process needed a calm, precision, and patience and a bit complex because so many details. "We did keep his alien form perfect, such as the bone loss, legs, and head," he explained.

Deserves praise back to Agus because he uses the waste, not the new components. Lyrics of the tail and head. He said that the use of waste from the fence combined with a motor component unused. He took the example of shockbreker front, gear, until the chain.

Fuel tank is made of a tube in the middle of the rod. Admittedly, filling stations must use the small tube. Then, several former shockbreker made hand and foot.

Although the form of many doubtful if these aliens can walk, Agus ensure made able to slide. Only, he says that for the new will take, he had to adapt because the bike was heavy. Then, buttocks feel uncomfortable because sitting on hard metal.

Scooter Majesty Made In Indonesia

Have you ever seen a contrived skutik so big scooter (skusar) as Scooter Majesty? Well, Andit Kandiawan from Surabaya, East Java, successfully realize the basic ingredients of artificial Honda Vario 2008. Admittedly, Majesty was the inspiration to the formation of this skusar figure.

Here, the most notable changes made to the body Andit. To be added bongsor, the framework of constrained delay in accordance with gede body that will be built. Central framework under floordeck a single 2.5-inch pipe size is not enough convicted.

"I'm looking for larger diameter pipe again, more or less 20 cm and then welded patent diselubungkan and use electric welding," he explained. To be even stronger, there is an additional booster of 2 cm-thick plates. Set up the welding plate to oppose the moment of the play so that the frame remains strong.

For body affairs, practically Andit "brake" when done. The reason, he was used to make car body modification. "Assembled themselves as the concept that mimics the Yamaha Majesty, including the design of a labored seat rather low imitate Japanese scooter big," said enthusiasts Honda CB200 and Kawasaki Binter this Merzy.

Design headlights made cool by using light framed CBR 900. Here, the element of luxury immediately apparent, especially with audio installed to add support for high-end features.

Because the car modif experience, this hero city builder to apply designs ever used in the car. One of them, oil catch tank. You know, the canister containing a filter to separate the heat and the usual oil applied to the flow modif Japan Domestic Market (JDM).


Want to view Yamaha V-ixion like this? Nah need to be recast body. However, do not necessarily view this bike blamed "negative" because of not using a mirror. Remarkably, even without a mirror, behind the state could be monitored without having to turn heads.

That can be done because the motor sport tuning fork bearing is equipped with CCTV cameras. "Our camera planted in the back near the license plate," said Julius Triwibowo, the modifikator. Then, pull the cable from the back forward, and the monitor mounted on the gas tank.

Very small size of the monitor. Said Julius Bowo-so usually called-size only 10 x 8 cm. Although small, the owner BW modification is sure if the tool is very helpful driver. Only, the body must be bent to watch the monitor screen.

In addition to the camera installation, Bowo also makes motorcycles look so handsome. The parts are solid contrived empty. For example, given a cover body, including under the gas tank and the engine (engine guard).

At the front, upside down sokbreker using a variation made in Taiwan. Headlights replaced with Suzuki Satria FU belongs-150, and the result is perfect. Speedometer is also taken from the 4-stroke motors that.

Still on the front, so macho after tongkrongan fitted with a double disc. After looking more solid, so look more manly after both wheels fitted with wide tires.

Low Rider dan Chopper Mio Modification

Junaidi Saputra from Medan, North Sumatra, try to develop more low flow rider modifications. Indeed, judging from the look of his Yamaha Mio Sporty, a strong impression that only lengthen modifikator axle which is characteristic of low-rider. But, if the scrutiny right, there is an experiment that looked at it skutik garputala logo.

"As shown on the front and rear wheels, a long follow-up," said Junaidi, builder Admair Thula (AT) which is based in Medan. Total length of the motor to be 3.5 meters. That is, dimensions Mio delay of about 1 meter.

Long retreat, retreat, said Junaidi, to 32 cm. This does not include the end of the outer tire. However, there are unique on the retreat, withdraw it. When the construction is typically shaped letters "H", here he made a model "J".

"To be strong due to rim and engine load, the material is taken from galvanized," he explained. This effort shall thumbs up. Imagine, with the rear wheel of a super-wide, the device remains in the middle. If viewed from the tire and rim application, then surely this Mio into Bobber style.

To adjust the back of the already overly stretch, re-house CVT reformed. Way, that part was cut and added to plates 8 cm to match the back, though not quite fit the position because it was too out of place.

Front wheel chopper-like models in the Harley-proved difficult to maneuver. Turning radius is very small like a chopper-style motorcycle HD. Changes made by sliding out and replace komstir triangular shaped enggak again straight, but it resembles a "V".

When asked to roads with berziga-zagging in between rows of cones, the motor was trouble. In fact, the driver must be off the foot many times. However, testing his courage Junaidi to take the road more than 5 km.

Yamaha Mio Retro Clasik Modification

Scooter modification would not shift from low flow rider. Shallow, elastic axle tens of centimeters and used alloy car wheels. Meanwhile, Muhammad Sidik it out of the grip. Yamaha Mio 2007 made her just changed its form so the classical model.

Body reforms carried out using body Fino. In fact, the trend itself has emerged in 2007. However, Sidik do not care about people screaming. After all, the bike got him. He adds that support variation of motorcycles classic.

To conjure body replaced Mio Fino, Sidik had to spend approximately USD 6 million. When installation, Mio framework should be slightly modified. Because the body suggests a classic Fino, a variety of goods classic smelling body was stuck to.

Look rod exhaust, taken from the Honda CB100 found prints in Kebun Jeruk III. Once installed, it looks okay and does not affect a machine's performance is still the standard.

Because classical, on the back and front of the given rack. "If the front of his own design pure. Use 2 mm stainless steel," said Sidik. The rear rack that often mimic variations used Vespa community. "Classical and fit together a new body rada body fat like the Vespa," continued the new bride.

Another classic look at the model number of the police. Instead of cross, but parallel to sepatbor. Then, the front fitted with a windshield. Uniquely, if used a large size, this small size prints use and even looks like a visor. "Want to be different. So with the visor as a classic, but the sporty," he said. Size and design must be adapted to form a slightly rounded body that.

Yamaha Mio American Style

Another modification of the flow of new trends that will busy, ie, hot rod on skutik. "Contribution" is from a collaboration with Shaflingga Budi "Big" Rahmanto from Big Modification, East Jakarta. They conjure up a 2005 Yamaha Mio classic street rod style.

Consideration Agha-Shaflingga-friendly greeting as timeless and classic style ever be preferred. For example, he continued, could lyrics Fino body that proved many fans. This is different with custom body that would favor a moment.

The specialty of this modification is telling Fino combines a slim body with great legs. It's like the front is fitted with 4-inch wide tires, and rear 8 inches in diameter and 14 inches. "We want a slim body sustained significant leg. Therefore, deliberately ordered alloy wide soles," says this economics graduate.

Apply because the flow of hot rod (American style), design alloy wheels with a penchant for tailored adherents of this school in his native country, by wearing tight radius of up to 120 bar spending. Because there is a replacement rim, could not help but be a special drum made of aluminum material which dibubut logs.

To give the impression that the foot is used really big, so contrived skubek flat. That means the suspension system changed a bit. "Purposely constrained rigid front and back so that there is a distance enggak play. The goal, avoiding stuck between the body and wheels," said Agha.

Custom exhaust design reinforced pointed style. According to Agha, the model is copied from the Harley-Davidson magazine. Size adjusted body stay Mio. Budi enggak Agha and only focus on large section, but also improve bagaian detail.

YAMAHA MIO Modification

For daily use, Yamaha Mio Sporty appearance of this Purwokerto less unsightly. Modifications to impress without the concept and look busy. Siswo Winoto, builder of Win's Paddock, Purwokerto, Central Java, such as running out of ideas when working on the production 2008 Yamaha skutik this.

The reason, sejal Mio early experiments on this, he just wants to escape the flow of low-rider and hotrod. In fact, "I try to combine the concept of low-rider and hotrod. It makes matic fighter," said Win, Winoto Siswo close calls.

Win a fighter matic work is hardly a breakthrough because it is similar to streetfighter. Moreover, here will find trimming chassis, and lived 30 percent maintained the original framework, including komstir to down tube.

For the trellis model framework of the Ducati Monster is transformed into this skutik, Win spent a total of 9 meters pipes with different diameters. For the main frame, he wore a size 3.4-inch pipe 4.5 meters long, while for the buffer, it uses 1.5-inch pipe.

"Out pipe about 9 meters. All contrived mutual support. Sokbreker Includes rear support, it must be careful," said Win. He continued, if one construction, the burden of retaining the pipe can be bent sokbreker.

For finishing, so-so this process given thumbs-up. Detail and color composition formulated neat. However, it would be interesting if the back axle is not excessive, and the use of handlebars are not too wide.

However, there was an interesting time this bike out of smoke. Exhaust tip with a small hole-like automatic weapons-will spin.

New Honda CBR 250 RR Launched


Madrid - If PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is still a lot of thinking to get a full fairing sport bike for throwing ninja 250 the domination of this class, is not the case with Honda in Spain.

For Honda plans to spend CBR 250 RR to compete with the might of Ninja 250 and Hyosung GT 250 R at the scene of the matador's country.

As quoted from the site detikOto Spain Solomoto, Saturday (31/10/2009), Honda reportedly is preparing the birth of motor sport anyarnya platform built over the CRF 250 R to hit the Ninja and hooks young children Spain.

Honda CBR 250 RR that it was also carrying 249.4 cc engine belongs to the CRF 250 R 32kw/11000min belching power with 29.3Nm/8500min torque.

There's more fun that their principals in Japan in the coming 2011 will also bring CBR 250 RR is the 'mother country' that is in Thailand and India country where Honda has factories with a large capacity with a plan to modernize all of their product models for later exported to various countries

Honda PCX 125cc Cruiser Scooter

Honda PCX 125cc Cruiser Scooter

Honda will be introducing a new scooter archetypal for the ASEAN and all-around bazaar soon, alpha with Thailand area it will be produced. The new Honda PCX is powered by a 4-stroke water-cooled 125cc distinct butt agent that can do 50km per liter on the ECE 40 MODE cycle. It’s not activity to be cheap, as the PCX will be positioned as a high-end but high-value model. The Honda PCX appearance an “idling stop system” area the agent can shut off automatically back the scooter comes to a complete stop. This can advice save ammunition burning while you delay for a cartage ablaze or for whatever acumen you’re chock-full – cartage jams don’t assume to affectation that abundant of a botheration for these bikes.

New Honda MegaPro To Be Launched

New Honda MegaPro
When viewing from the ranks of Honda motorcycles sold in Indonesia, will appear 'reform movement' in the body of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) who becomes the holder of Honda brand in Indonesia.

Because since the end of last year, almost all line up on the Honda motorcycle sold in Indonesia have been hit by a touch of change, ranging from New Tiger and Blade at the end of 2008 until the Absolute Revo and the automatic line of Honda motorcycles in 2009.

However, there was a left motor and not the update by AHM of Mega Pro. Motor sport mengendong Honda 160 cc engine capacity was now the only Honda that has not been refreshed by AHM.

So when viewing the 'reform movement' Honda, little can be sure that the motor sport this stylish cruiser will be the next variant that will be addressed by Honda.

And if you look and prediction, most likely the latest variant of Mega Pro is certainly not going to be out soon. Only question is, when the latest Pro Mega will be issued by Honda.

Honda Vario Modification Pictures

Honda Vario Picture Gallery:

Honda Vario Thailand Modification

Honda Vario Malaysia Modifications

Honda Vario Indonesian Modifications

Honda Vario Lowrider modify

Honda Vario Simple Style Modified
Honda Vario Street Fighter Modifications
Honda Vario Scooter Modification Specials 64th Indonesia Independence Day

Honda Revo 100cc Modification

Honda Revo 100cc

When Honda introduced the 110 CC Absolute Revolution in FX Sudirman, Friday (29 / 1) PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as a single agent Honda brand holders do not just display a few units of the three variants of a new variant, the Spoke, Wheel and Deluxe Casting Casting Wheel). There are two units Revo Alsolute a modified go on display, the Revo and Revo Hitech Sporty Luxury VIP who has invited the attention of journalists.

"The Absolute Honda 110 cc Revo is Honda team dipermak Research & Development South East Asia (HRS)," said Reza Goduan Parulian, Designer Styling as well as supervision in the project who spent nearly 3 months.

Before polishing motor, first made an image of Reza said it took a month. "The cultivation process takes about five weeks and the two motors, each commanded by one person," said Reza.

For the cost of modifications, further Reza, Revo Hitech spend around Rp30 million, while the Luxury of about Rp20 million. "However, this modification as a reference only, hence the original shape of the motor is still strong," said Reza.

Absolute Revo appropriate to the most luxurious Hitech Sporty. But the most interesting of these modifications is the muffler design. Both the Hitech and Luxury styles are designed moge. The model is not long, but short and trapezoidal design, rather than round or oval.

The most luxurious of the two models is that Sporty. Both rim which superlebar homemade, including the design of his fingers. Impression as a motor-powered fast rate freeze is emitted through both the front and rear brake system was adopted disc. Then the model changed the standard suspension into monosok.

Not only that, given the standard swing arm condom (wrapped) dual models added to make a duck look muscular. Then, certain parts of the body such as Kevlar motives contrived central motor, and some spackboard back spackboard front, the inside wing, shell lamps and handle (the back seat). So, grip on the handlebars also replaced and be given be given a counterweight end.

On the outside of the wing given two small lights, one of whom serves as a light sein. Unfortunately, Footstep is still the standard and make a foothold Rider no. Included also on Luxury models. Understandably, his name also made reference modifications.

While the Luxury model, suspension systems still refer to the standard. Only the slope angle has changed more to the front and wearing gas model. In addition to the short exhaust, other interesting things foothold for motorists strained wide. Model designed Sepatbor motogp back. Very fitted with six bolt rim

Kawasaki Ninja RR Modifications


Daytona clutch cable and Daytona master cylinder brake

carbonized cms silencer with nsr sp rear handle bar

Kawasaki Ninja RR Wheels and rims

Kawasaki Ninja RR MODIFICATION CMS racing exhaust

Kawasaki ninja 250R open+air+carburetor
Kawasaki ninja 250R open air carburetor

Kawasaki Ninja 250 R rear+suspension+and+wheel
Kawasaki Ninja 250 R rear suspension and wheel

Yoshimura+steps+and+engine Kawasaki ninja 250R
Yoshimura steps and engine Kawasaki ninja 250R

Kawasaki Ninja RR Modifications Spec Details:

Bike Model: Kawasaki Ninja RR
Chassis: KRR150
Engine: 1878 Super Kips Engine
Suspension: OEM (fr), Ohlins (rr)
Brakes: Nissin GSX 750 with NSR RR rotor(fr), OEM (rr)
Wheels: Enkei Racing 17x1.85 (fr), 17x3.00(rr)
Tyres: Bridgestone Battlax BT090 100/70 (fr), 120/70(rr)
Fuel: AVGAS (race), Pertamax Plus (daily)
Oil: Shell Racing-X (2T), Conoco 10-40W (Engine), Motul DOT 5.1 (brakes)

Internal Engine Mods:
OEM piston and ring, port & polish, cylinder sleeves, Boyesen 755 reed valve

External Engine Mods:
CMS racing exhaust system, Keihin PWK racing carburetor (open air), Daytona racing throttle cable, Daytona front master cylinder brake system, GPR braided brake lines, Ferodo racing brake pads

OEM gearbox and clutch, Daytona racing clutch cable

OEM Lime Green colour, half naked fairing, Yoshimura racing steps, Nova Dash side blinkers

Honda VTR 250 VS Kawasaki Ninja ZX 250R

At first, manufacturers have been producing Honda VTR 250 in 1997 when the market is increasingly targeted at the domestic production for the Japanese market. And after all these years, the Honda VTR 250 eventually exported overseas, especially to Europe with the course design tailored to the desires of local consumers.

So Honda VTR 250 was made of this. With the aim to make it look sexy and powerful tight, this new motor using V-Twin engine 90 degrees, and 4 valve liquid-cooled. Here there is no difference between the bore and stroke it with previous versions, VTR 250 Interceptor 1989-1990 sold in America.

And it seems the two motors are increasingly using the same machine. It was perceived as sufficient capital to compete with the motor manufacturer, Kawasaki, Ninja 250 R. As is well known that the VTR 250 Honda engine has a power equivalent engine Kawasaki Ninja 250 R, which is about 30 hp at maximum torque 10,500 rpm.

Yet there has been no official confirmation of the price for Honda VTR 250 in Europe. If the manufacturer Honda really intend this to menarungkan motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja ZX 250 R, it's likely there will be a price range around USD 5900 or USD 64 million or more (excluding taxes)


Honda Beat The following modifications are still with the concept of Lowrider style to be used as a daily vehicle. We met in the workshop "Anugrah Motor" in Cibubur Point Automotive Center, as usual mas having Jay Honda motor scooter was another busy Beat to modify,to give final touches on a black motorcycle production in 2008 was.

Honda Beat specification modifications this time as follows::

* Framed rear wheels Daihatsu cars Custom Velg|Rims wearing radius 72 Ring 14 "wide 5", - the Ring 12 "wide 4".
* Tires 140/60 rear, 120/70 front tubles.
* Withdraw-withdraw 12 cm.
* Spion Custom.
* Motor brand Stang
* RPM Gauge.
* Shockbreaker YSS.
* Handle Pro brand brakes.
* Grip KTC.
* Custom Body Kit.
* Tromol original front brakes, front disc original.
* Footstep costom front rest.
* Front Fender (spakbor) Aprilia custom models.
* Custom front triangle.
* Koso air filter.
* Close the ICON fan.
* Exhaust Yamaha Fino cover.
* Close the LHK oil.
* Stirrup custom, visor Supra x 125.


Japanese motor manufacturer or Europe is no doubt in creating the prototype. Apparently, Indonesia also did not want to lose. Although until now not been able to make motors intact, Indonesia is able to display the concept through the modification of motor Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 LC. The results of the nation's children from North Sumatra are included in Mofest Modification Contest 2 Region III, North Sumatra.

Budi Udin Fakkar of Jatayu Motor Sport classified Jupiter MX dare dismantle it's Jimmy. In essence, he did not want to just change the body is designed like the motor body concept. "I enggak want that. The prototype is right also to apply some of the components that apply a different mechanism," said Budi.

Therefore, the concept of artificial motor manufacturer is offering a different technology components with a mass product. There are also mechanisms developed component of the previous components.

That reference Budi. Therefore, having cultivated MX technology is far from the MX. He also said that his creation is the future of motor sport.

In the modification component technology has to offer, there are three sections that can be glimpsed. First, the steering system steering ratio given name. There are circles of radius ratio is moved to the handlebars of time in and out.

Second, the mechanism of shock absorbers is a new innovation. Budi named Advance Suspension. The mechanism associated with the application hubless wheels. Alloy handle two pillars that sustained the burden to send shock absorbers.

The principle behind the work like shock unitrack, but mounted upside-down position. Interestingly, although the hubbess system, this section remains lightly when maneuver.

Finally, keyless ignition. Turn the engine using the starter key by using friction sensors. Yes, the usual kind of card used in the hotel room key.

Kawasaki KLX 150S

Kawasaki KLX 150S Technical Specification:

Engine type: 4-Step, SOHC, 2 valves
System: air
Number of cylinder & Content: 1 fruit & 144cc
Step x Diameter: 58.0 x 54.4 mm
Comparison of Compression: 9,5:1
Maximum power: 8.60 kW / 8000 rpm
Maximum Torsion: 12 Nm / 6500 rpm
Carburettor: Keihin NCV24
Starter System: Kick Starter & Electric Starter
Transmission type: 5 speed return
Comparison Roda Gigi: To-1: 2.917 (35/12)
To-2: 2.000 (32/16)
To-3: 1.474 (28/19)
4th: 1.182 (26/22)
To-5: 1.000 (24/24)
Gigi final comparison: 3.143 (44/14)
Number of Ratio Roda Gigi: 9.051 in Top Gear
Ignition system: DC-CDI
Idle Speed: 1400 (± 50) rpm
Type of frame: Perimeter, Box Section, Stainless Steel High
Rear Suspension : UNION TRAK ® linkage system and single shock with 5-way preload adjustability / 7.1 in.
Length x Width x Height: 1975 X 760 X 1080 mm
Wheel bearing distance: 1,285 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 250 mm
Suspension Front: 33mm telescopic fork / 7.1 in.
Front brake: Hidrolic, Single-Disc
Rear brake: Hidrolic, single-Disc
Front Wheel: 70/100-19
Rear Wheel: 90/100-16
Julur Front: 310 mm
Julur Rear: 380 mm
Type / Length helm: Handle Bar / 760mm
Turn the corner: 43 ° to 43 ° left and right
Maximum weight: 228 kg
Weight empty: 108 kg



Technical Specification Kawasaki D-Tracker x 250

Engine type: 4-Step, DOHC, 4 valves
System: liquid
Number of cylinder & Content: 1 fruit & 249cc
Step x Diameter: 72.0 x 61.2 mm
Comparison of Compression: 11:1
Maximum power: 18.0 kW / 9000 rpm
Torsi Maximum: 21 Nm / 7000 rpm
Injection system: Keihin F001
Starter System: Electric Starter
Transmission type: 6 speed return

Gigi final comparison: 2.786 (39/14)
Number of Ratio Roda Gigi: 7.429 in Top Gear
Ignition system: TIS
Front Suspension: telescopic
Rear Suspension : mono shock
Length x Width x Height: 2130 X 795 X 1125 mm
Wheel bearing distance: 1,420 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 265 mm
Front brake: Hidrolic, Single-Disc
Rear brake: Hidrolic, single-Disc
Front Wheel: 70/100-19
Rear Wheel: 90/100-16
Weight empty: 139 kg /

Kawasaki Athlete Chrome Modification

This is two added abnormally Kawasaki Athlete modification in new brain-teaser appearance . This acrylic are so rarely to add in this apple because it is agleam aqueous chrome attending . Many bodies attending on your bike if you use this acrylic . For accord added antagonism look, I use titanium exhaust from Yoshimura, because it is actual bargain in Indonesia, aloof $40 in Antagonism Shop . for arch lamp I use attenuated appearance rom fiberglass and dejected bulp . Attending added innocent face if you use that .

Front annoy I use Deli Tires 110/16 and 130/16 for rear annoy . Front fender, I use Antagonism appearance and custom from fibreglass afresh .




SUZUKI SATRIA 120CC DATA Modifications:

Tire front: Battlax 100/80-17
Rear tire: 130/70-17 IRC
Front of the lamp: Supra X 125
Swing-arm: Custom
Exhaust: AHM