Velg And LowRider

Package Low Rider Velg and Tires modification price:

Specifications Modifications Velg

Velg Size 5 Inch Rear with 140/70/14 Tires.

Velg Home Size 2 1 / 2 inch, with size 100/70/14 Tires

Engine monting range 15 ~ 20 cm

Velg color-free, Price 2,850,000 IDR

Satria Fu 150 Modif (Raider - in Thai)

The Picture of Satria fu modifications below maybe assist you in to modify your Satria Fu. Progressive motor modifications indonesian ...

Satria fu yellow body color

amaizing Satria fu wheel and muffler

Fu 150 nice red and black combination color

Satria fu 150 Skyblue and white color combinated

Suzuki Satria fu special design in drivers for the street, because this motor is very fast when the track is in the straight. If in Thailand Suzuki Satria Fu called this regular Suzuki Raider. With the acceleration is very good, motor is very suitable when used for racing. so do not wonder if many young people now that the others race to get this as a Satria Fu bike the present time. Accessories Satria fu is also very much in the market selling. Thus if you intend to modify the motor Satria fu (raider) you will be very easy to modify if you have an adequate cost. Many different accessories are encountered in the motor for the Satria fu are: tires, velg, body, lights, schock, and other parts.

Yamaha Mio 2009 New Modification From Thailand

In addition to famous famous beauty, Thailand is also famous as one of the modifications in the barometer southeast Asia. In so many indonesian modificator that mimics the types of modifications of Thailand. Here's a few pictures from Thailand mio modifications that may be as a good example in the case of motor modifications. Because in both countries this Yamaha Mio so popular, and has become a trend for young adolescents.

Motor Sport Modifications

Vixion Modification Yamaha R1 Style

Modif data:
- Front Fairing: Model R1 with Custom Lighting model R1 with the projector lamp
- Floatation tank: condom + R1 model close floatation tank Ninja
- Spatbord back GSX1000R
Cvr-side: by Ricky Motor Sport
- Rear Spakbord: R6 Style
Front-Spakbord: R1 Style
- Ban Battlax Front 110, Rear 150
- Velg wide variation
- Arm width + condom arm
- Disk Home: PSM
- Footstep: Yoshimura
- Muffler: Custom

Yamaha MIO Modifed

Yamaha mio was one of the motors that most was enjoyed by this current young child, especially in Indonesia. This motor also became the icon in the circle of the modifiers. Modified this motor really was easy in compared the other motor, because his accessories really were easy in encountered and cheap his price. The women also were not left behind in modifying their motor, this was proven from the picture was supervised this, Yamaha mio the modification that was very appropriate for the trendy women.

Yamaha Force 1 Modifikasi Semicross

This motorcycle was the modification of yamaha force 1 machine 2 not. This motor experienced the change in foot - foot him. The head, fender front behind. As well as did not forget the colour bandage of the quite interesting paint attention. Tampilannya to semicross. Used the PU paint and clear sikken HS.