Cover Body From Fiber in Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC

Cover Body From Fiber in Yamah Jupiter MX 135LC
Cover the entire body has been thought to replace the printed material thin fiber. Consideration, in order not to be heavy weights. "Sheets was then a small cut and then affixed to gradually form a pattern," said Dana. After the pattern is formed, then the printing process actually performed.

Hence, if observed in detail, the front had turned into big motorcycle. The main lights had moved into the chest where the front. Lamp picked by Suzuki GSX600 because rarely adopted.

Another interesting thing, double-Muffler exhaust design adds muscular rear view with a single arm models. Who would have thought, modification via phone can be cool. In accordance with the ambition Ino and Rizal, this modification would fuss in the region.

Yamaha Modification Pictures

Yamaha Nouvo Simple Body Painting ModifyYamaha Nouvo Simple Body Painting Modify

Yamaha Vstar ModificationYamaha Vstar Modification

Yamaha RXZ ModificationYamaha RXZ Modification

Yamaha Mio Look Sportbike ModifyYamaha Mio Look Sportbike Modify

Yamaha Jupiter MX cool ModifyYamaha Jupiter MX cool Modify

The Motorcycles Pictures above are made by Yamaha motorcycle manufacturer, ranging from scooter yamaha mio, nouvo, yamaha vstar, jupiter mx.

Kawasaki Ninja 250cc Modification

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250ccGambar Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250cc

Owner: Asep Syaifullah (Boey)
Body work: Boey Racing Team (Jl.Raya Gandul No.27)
Phone: 081210073347-02195803985


- Color Granada ¿½ ï ¿½ + Greenï Pernis by (Spies Hecker)
- Full Cutting Moto GP sticker kawasaki ninja monster
- Rear Hugger (Custom fiber)
- Seat ¿½ ï ¿½ Black colori (OEM)

- Muffler / Exhaust (OEM)
- Air Filter (OEM)
- Plugs (NGK Irridium)
- Cable Plugs (OEM)

Legs (legs)
- Arm Custom paint
- Front Whell (OEM 17ï ¿½ x 2.75) Black color
- Rear Whell (OEM ½ x 17ï ¿3:50) Black color
- Front Tromol (OEM)
- Rear Tromol (OEM)
- Front Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 110/70/17
- Rear Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 130/70/17
- Front Shockbreaker (OEM)
- Rear Shockbreaker (OEM)
- Per Rear (OEM)
- Brake Master (Brembo)
- Front Disc Plate (Brembo)
- Rear Disc Plate (OEM)

- Spion (OEM)
- Handle Brake (OEM)
- Takometer speedometer (OEM)
- Front Lamp (OEM)
- Rear Lamp (OEM)
- Xenon HID lamps ¿½ ï ¿½ Frontï

Supra X 125 Drag Style Modify

Supra X 125 Drag Style ModifySupra X 125 Drag Style Modify

Supra X 125 Drag Style Modify Detailed specifications:

Custom Body:
Custom Duck Tail:
Custom Rear Body:
Body Paint:
Custom Paint Interior:
Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing:
Rear Hugger:

Bore Up:
Porting Polished:
Muffler: AHRS Factory 4
Air Filter:
Coil: Kitaco
Plugs: NGK Platinum
Cable Plugs: Kitaco
Camshaft: Kawahara
Carburator Filter:
Piston: Sonic
CVT Cover:
Cover Belt:

Front Wheel: Comet 1.20x17
Rear Wheel: TDR 1.40x17
Front Tromol:
Rear Tromol:
Front Tire: 50/90-17 FDR Drax
Rear Tire: 60/90-17 grip eagle Comet
Front Shockbreaker:
Rear Shockbreaker: Yoko
Rear Per:
Brake Master:
Disc Plate:
Front SpackBoard:
Rear SpackBoard:

Brake Handle: Yoshimura
Front Lamp:
Rear Lamp:
Hand Grip:
Fuel Indicator:
Rear Bracket:
Front Carrier:
Rear Carrier:
Rubber Set:
Mudguard Chest (18-carat gold layer):
Tachometer: koso
Front Sein:
Rear Sein:
Side Sein:

Kraknaji 250 Supermoto Modification

There's just heard his name Kraknaji 250 motor. Supermoto's kind that can be extended in two fields, asphalt and soil. Even able to fly, though not as high as motocross. Want to know the origin of this motor?

What is clear, not artificial plant, but the home modifications Hawex Custom Factory (HCF) of the Village Ciilat, Sukadaga, Ciamis, West Java. Builder him, Uus Husnaeni, known for its handmade detail in each design component. Included in this Kraknaji 250 Supermotorad has earned not buy components so.

Hence, some components used in the 1997 Honda Tiger base made modify by Uus. Like a skeleton with a minimalist concept. Uus said, like the European supermotorad.

Most interesting, note the swing arm. "Shape banana or banana model," stated Uus. Such a model chosen because of various considerations. In addition to a shorter wheelbase, this form comes to minimizing, if charging off-road terrain. The arm swing is made with CNC machines from composite materials of aluminum and steel.

Meanwhile in another part, the builder designed it perfectly. For example, artificial slim tank, but fit accommodates 7 liters. Trus, chassis strengthening in the center and backbone nets model tubular contrived.

"This motor is very ridiable. Weighs 98 kg with a 142 cm wheelbase and seat height of 52 cm," said the owner. Ground clearance constrained by 35 cm in height in order not concerned.

If there is going to change, let alone done myself, Uus sell components separately. The entire package, starting from the chassis, swing arm, seat and tank dibanderol USD 7.5 million.

Honda Supra Extreme Customized

Blitar secretly thrilling performances can modify the motor in the country. 2006 Honda Supra with a wild idea of media, the work of the twins Ardi and Arno Birmansyah show Suranca many innovations. Looks stout with the concept of a naked duck.

"This is a pure creation of the TPF (Fiber Twin Planet) and we do not want to change a motor sport. That is the challenge," said Arno. Usually, the theme is identical to the naked sport bike.

To fulfill his obsession, the order does not have a cut and changed. Including the position of the tank under the seat, that part will be retained.

Radical changes appear in the swing arm. New designs with the trellis model as is often done in DELTABOX motor sport. This is one feature of naked wing motor sport. Because of the vital functions, large iron pipe 2 inches in diameter attached there.

Because the swing arms bare, it is more appropriate if a single rear suspension (Monoshock) using a Suzuki Satria 120R. Continues, the full body custom, according to Arno, self-designed single-seater model.

In order to impress the motor racing, then the stern pointed contrived. The center made a kind of additional chassis style DELTABOX using glass fiber material.

Note the two large wheels. This is precisely homemade and Arno ensure that conditions are strong. Front suspension models also upside down own handiwork. Interestingly again, a double exhaust tip is a variation of the car.