Honda PCX 125cc Cruiser Scooter

Honda PCX 125cc Cruiser Scooter

Honda will be introducing a new scooter archetypal for the ASEAN and all-around bazaar soon, alpha with Thailand area it will be produced. The new Honda PCX is powered by a 4-stroke water-cooled 125cc distinct butt agent that can do 50km per liter on the ECE 40 MODE cycle. It’s not activity to be cheap, as the PCX will be positioned as a high-end but high-value model. The Honda PCX appearance an “idling stop system” area the agent can shut off automatically back the scooter comes to a complete stop. This can advice save ammunition burning while you delay for a cartage ablaze or for whatever acumen you’re chock-full – cartage jams don’t assume to affectation that abundant of a botheration for these bikes.

New Honda MegaPro To Be Launched

New Honda MegaPro
When viewing from the ranks of Honda motorcycles sold in Indonesia, will appear 'reform movement' in the body of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) who becomes the holder of Honda brand in Indonesia.

Because since the end of last year, almost all line up on the Honda motorcycle sold in Indonesia have been hit by a touch of change, ranging from New Tiger and Blade at the end of 2008 until the Absolute Revo and the automatic line of Honda motorcycles in 2009.

However, there was a left motor and not the update by AHM of Mega Pro. Motor sport mengendong Honda 160 cc engine capacity was now the only Honda that has not been refreshed by AHM.

So when viewing the 'reform movement' Honda, little can be sure that the motor sport this stylish cruiser will be the next variant that will be addressed by Honda.

And if you look and prediction, most likely the latest variant of Mega Pro is certainly not going to be out soon. Only question is, when the latest Pro Mega will be issued by Honda.